Interesting to see this call for 'Green Transition Ecosystems', via @lottybrand

4 grants of up to £4.625m for large scale projects that focus on translating the best design-led research into real world benefits to address challenges posed by the climate crisis, including but not limited to realising net zero goals.

Give us a shout if you're looking for a UK-based business operating in the design economy or a civil society or community organisation (we're both).

Just finished making a version of Cricket Tales for use in schools.

Teachers can set up a session for their class, students learn about insect behaviour, tag behaviours in videos (which come from CCTV cameras over individual cricket burrows in Spain), and compare their individual cricket's behavioural data against others in their class and against all data ever collected.

The lovely Chris Bisson and Janine Bisson are making complementary teaching materials and taking it to schools in January.

Had such a lovely week hosting @yaxu for fellowship collaboration work, together with our newest non-executive director @cassandreces and our other non-execs @kanderson_rs and Jane Sutherland for our Directors' meeting, and also getting to meet the fab @RaoOfPhysics. Studio filled with thoughtful, interesting and generally wonderful people, providing a much needed reminder of why we do this 💚

Lovely to have @yaxu down in Cornwall for the week, changed a bit since we last saw each other

Really happy to be joined by Jamie Hendy for a #photography placement this month. 

Jamie's just graduated from Falmouth Uni with a BA in Photography, and was an EIZO Student Award 2022 Finalist, with a portfolio that stood out to us for its beautiful and professional finish

This is one of four placements we're running for people to get a bit of freelancing experience, and they're all part funded by the fab Cultivator and the also fab Real Ideas Organisation.

Soldered up, tested and with addition of nail top coat varnish as the final step to prevent corrosion - ready to go.

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We've developed a bit of a method for cleaning these up before soldering:
* Sand with 1200 grit sandpaper
* Press cut side into a piece of duct tape and peel it off slowly to remove debris
* Test for shorts and fix
* Clean with isopropyl alcohol

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Sneak peek of local climate adaptation tool, at stage of testing across different device types, release in a couple of weeks (will be free software/open source as always)

Jobs! We have two graphics/illustration placements available for people who've never freelanced before or are just starting out, and are based in Cornwall (UK). Each one is 10 days at £100/day, and hopefully provides a valuable and unusual bit of experience working with a nonprofit.

More info and hopefully easy application process here:

We are Then Try This, a non-profit organisation focusing on environmental and social issues. We're just settling this account in, in the meantime you can follow most of us at:

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